RIGF for beginners

For the first time, a youth track will be held on the sidelines of the Eleventh Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF 2021). We invite students, postgraduates and recent alumni interested in the development and use of the Internet and technology to participate. On the youth track, we, together with invited experts and practitioners, will discuss the main issues from the RIGF program, and then we will formulate the Youth Messages that will be presented at the final RIGF session on April 9, 2021!

To join the youth track, you must register and complete a quiz, which will help you dive into the basics of Internet governance and understand the global context of the RIGF discussions. The test task will be sent after registration, the deadline for the task is March 18.

The list of participants will be announced on March 20, 2021.

For whom

Undergraduate, graduate and graduate students under 35.

Key dates

  • Acceptance of applications and selection stage: until March 18
  • Preparatory work: March 21 – April 5
  • The final part: April 9


Four preparatory online meetings with experts are planned for the participants to discuss RIGF topics and formulate their own conclusions, which will be transformed into Youth Messages. Participants will then follow the sections of the forum, noting if the discussion abstracts differ from their conclusions. At the final section of the forum, the participants of the youth track will present their messages.

Preparatory part

March 21

Internet Governance

IGF+ и Roadmap for digital cooperation

Experts: TBA

March 28


Jurisdictions in data management and self-determination in the field of personal data

Experts: TBA

April 4

The international cooperation

Building trust in supply chains

Experts: TBA

April 5 Working on Youth Messages

Final part

April 7–9 Participation in the work of the forum
April 9 Presentation of Youth Messages at the final session of the Forum